Carnival Games

An Event to Remember

All Carnival Booths are clean & can be decorated to suit any ideas you have.

10 x 10 booths, can hold from one to three games.

All workers can be dressed as "old-time," carnival workers, or in a dress shirt & pants.

If you have specific attire ideas, let us know, & we will do it for you. This can include shirts or hats with your company logo or message.

We can include our "Super Deluxe Prizes" that are much better than you get at other carnivals.

We arrive very early to set up, to be ready at your specified start time. We take down everything, & clean up at the end. This leaves you with nothing to do, but enjoy your day with your guests.

There are many options for booths, prizes, & workers.

Contact us to discuss what works best for you.

The basic option which is ideal for kids parties is one booth with three games, & 3 friendly costumed workers.

Comes with small arcade-type prizes such as rings, jelly bracelets, tops, stickers, finger traps, candies, temporary tattoos, & super balls.

You can add as many nice super deluxe variety of prizes, friendly costumed workers, booths & games as you want depending on your number of guests, & budget allows.
We will work with your ideas and budget to provide you with the best options for your event.​​ ​

Maybe you need fewer prizes or have volunteers that can work the games.

Sometimes for Fund Raising Events, companies will donate prizes to be won or raffled off. You can give winners a raffle ticket when they win.

A drawing would be held at a specified time. That way, you do not have to have 100's of prizes. You can have fewer prizes, but costly prizes provided by you or donated.
* You might only need one booth to add a fun atmosphere. Or a booth with a PRIZE WHEEL.

​Winners spin, the PRIZE WHEEL for a raffle ticket, or a promotional gift from your company.

You can add on the whole Carnival, with Interactive Circus Performers, unusual, bizarre, & amazing, Sideshow Performers! They can do incredible acts, as many have never seen!

Yummy snacks like Cotton Candy, Candied Apples, Sno-Cones, Hot Dogs, Popcorn, & Caramel Apples are available.